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Hi, I’m Gearoid O’Croidheain. I’m an official Irish Tour Guide and a student of History and Culture at the University of the Highlands and Islands.  After 10 years of research I am now telling the story of what happened to one IRA Volunteer, young Thomas Whelan, accused of murdering a Capt. Bagallay in a small hotel in Upper Baggot St. Dublin at 9am on Sunday 20th November 1920. I also do “Jump in” Kery tours from Killarney and Dingle.





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I only take on small groups of people. Usually in parties of two. So that your experience is not diluted by others..

Student of History & Culture in Scotland


Hi, I run a small, and exclusive, hospitality business. Its primary focus is to provide visitors to Ireland with information and experiences to enhance their visit, no matter how short it is.

I am semi-retired, with a very sucessfull career in business consultancy behind me. Although I am from a Connemara family I was educated in Scotland, so I have a unique perspective of the Natural History and Culture of both of our great celtic nations.

I lived in Dublin for many years and while there researched the amazing  story of Thomas Whelan.

I am an associate member of the Irish Screenwriters Guild. I have one writing credit to my name, for the black comedy “Saint Mary” 2009 and am now writing the script for the Thomas Whelan Film.

In September I am entering second year of a degree in “Culture and History” under the tutilage of the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland.

This will enhance my understanding of our unique and intertwined past.

I split my time between “Back West”, the lands to the west of Dingle Town, Dublin and Perth, in Scotland.

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